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Related post: Date: Sat, 16 preteen naturist pussy Sep 2006 16:36:56 -0700 (PDT) From: Mr Swannie Subject: Outting with Dad chapter european artistic preteens 1.Outing With Dad By preteen movie sample nude artistic preteens : Mr. Swannie Htpp:// The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are lina preteen model not over 18 years of age, or if latina preteen pussy you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you live, then please don't read it!I hope you all enjoy this story, but remember it is a fantasy and in these fantasies there are no Aids, HIV, crabs, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts or such but they are in the real world so when you are fucking and think about these stories please make russian preteen photography sure there is a condom on your cock. Play safe and continue to read these fantasies for a long, long time. Outing With Dad Chapter 1 You know I love my family and all but let's face facts, I'm seventeen years old preteen xxlmag and this is the last weekend I have before I leave for Europe for my freshman year in college. I preteen erotic story had found this small add in the college web site, while I young preteen breast was trying to decide what school preteen hardcore vid I wanted to go to, where preteen non models you spent your first year traveling with the class of twenty to all the major cities and some small towns learning history, art, comers, trade, religions and anything else they wanted to throw in. I was shocked my mom and dad said yes and I was even preteen girls lia more shocked when I was accepted over so many others. Oh by the way I'm Joe, seventeen years old, with dark blond hair a dark tan. I'm six feet one inch tall and I have a swimmers build, I grew up in a pool pretty much. I also have to tell you I have one hell of a nice cock, if I do say so myself. I found that out at a young age when I would shower with the grown men at the Y.M.C.A and I would see the way they would stare at my prick. pics preteens nude One gay guy told me one time he would love to swallow my big fat cock. At the time I was only fifteen and it freaked preteen modeling club me out and said I had to go and ran out of there and back to my house where I jerked off for hours thinking about it. Since then I have exploited young preteen had a few guys suck preteen nude foreign me off, but I've never returned the favor. I have always dated girls and they all loved getting fucked by my long fat prick. Oh sorry I forgot where I was, so here it is the last weekend before I leave for Europe and my Father comes home and tells my Mother and I that he had ran into Chuck erotic pictures preteen Mellon, his son Benny is going preteens 12 free to be traveling to Europe with my group."Chuck and I where talking and we thought it might be a good idea for you and I and Chuck and Benny to go off on a guys weekend before you guys go off to Europe." He said with a big smile. "This will preteen cam chat give you and me a chance to hang out before you go for the year."Dad and I hadn't really had a lot to say to each other top preteen topless in a while. It wasn't as if I was mad at him or anything but with him working late and me on the swim team, friends and checking out colleges it had been a while, while it was really the last thing I wanted to do I felt like I had to."Sounds great." I said trying to seem like I meant it.Later that day Mom posting board preteen had swung by my bedroom and said she was proud of me for saying yes. "I know you want to be with your friend before you go away, but this means preteen photographers a lot to your father." She said and gave me a hug.So nudepreteen boy photo here I am at six juicy little preteens A.M finishing packing up my bag and heading for the front door to wait for Chuck and Benny to pick us up video preteens fucking for our weekend. When I got there Dad was running about getting the last of his stuff ready. It wasn't long before there was a honk outside and we walked out with our bags.Chuck was a good-looking man of about thirty-seven or so. He had dark hair and a mustache and beard that made him look a lot like a seventies porn star. He was muscular and good-looking man.Benny was my age and on the football team. He looked a lot like his father but a lot tanner. To tell you the truth I knew Benny preteen angels topless from school in a way, I mean he was as popular as I was in High School most of it coming from sports. He was on the football team and had his big gang of friends and I had mine. He is about six foot something inches with big shoulders and a small waist. I talked with him a few times in Biology but really didn't have any other real preteen girls posing reason to talk to him before. Now we would be spending a whole weekend and preteen latinas xxx together and then a year, well on that there would be a lot of other people and I would probably hang with people I had more in common with.I jumped in the back seat next to Benny and Dad got into the passenger's side drivers seat. Chuck said "Hi" to us, and Benny smiled and nodded as I got in.We drove down the street and onto the high henati preteen pics way with small talk preteens sex ilegal going preteen bikini waals the whole small preteen nymphets way. After about an hour or so of cp preteen tgp this both Benny and I pressed our faces against our windows and dozed off. When we woke up we where on the outskirt off the desert and pulling into a dinner off naked preteen galaries an old free way.Both Benny and I stumbled out of the SUV into the bright sun and quickly into the dinner. We sat and ate and talked and come find out Benny was a funny guy with a brain. He was a cool guy and fun to be around, it was going to be good that I had a friend when we left home for the trip. I saw Dad look over to Benny and I while I was laughing at a story Benny was telling and he smiled big at me.We finished up and hit the road and where now only a few miles from the desert. We where only a few miles away from the Hot Spring Resort the guys get away that Chuck and Dad had planned for us.We got there and it was a nice place. It was very desert resort if you know what I mean. It was a sprawling resort with palm trees and man made streams everywhere. We checked in and the guys at the front desk where nice and friendly and gave us our sweet keys and we where off to our room.The room was big and preteen art portals colorful with lots of palm tree kind of prints and shapes everywhere. preteen rapepics Dad and I had a room with two big beds and then we shared a big living room area and on the other side was Chuck and Benny's room the same as ours." I say we hit the trails preteen dark pedo and go for a nice long walk." Dad said with a smile.It was hot but not overly hot...Oh how erotic photography preteen the hell am I kidding it was over a hundred but it was a dry heat.We all threw on shorts and hiking shoes and took off. We passed by the pool and saw a lot of guys swimming and laying in the preteen boys sucking sun, there where guys of all different ages and shapes and colors.It wasn't until we where coming back into the pool area that it had dawned on me that there where no women of any kind anywhere to be seen. preteen sex sample There where a few men sitting naked on the side of the pool."Is this place just for guys?" I asked.When I said fucking preteen nymphet this I saw Benny looking around and noticing the no female thing.Dad laughed and shot a look over to Chuck who pink preteen sexe was smiling."That was quick there son." Dad said as we walked into the hotel.I looked around and noticed, for the first time, that it was full of men even the staff behind the desk.We walked down the hall and then back out to a small courtyard and then back into the hotel where our room was."I don't know about you guys but I'm hitting the steam preteen asian grils room and sauna." Chuck said to us."Wow that sounds like a good idea." Dad said.Both Benny and I agreed and shucked our hiking boots as we came back into the living area I looked up to see Chuck pulling his white bathrobe over his naked body. He was a hot looking guy with a fine layer of fur that covered his chest and stomach. Dad walked in just wearing his bathrobe."Come on preteen pedo site guys throw on your bathrobes and lets get going." Dad said smiling.I walked in and started to strip and looked up to see Benny walk into the bathroom and shut the door. By the time I pulled the bathrobe on the door opened and the toilet was flushing Benny emerging in his robe.We all walked out and down the hall away from the main part of the hotel. We walked around and up a slope and into another building.Benny and I where talking and followed behind Dad and Chuck not asia preteen shy really paying our Dads much attention when we got to chubby model preteen the dressing room for the steam room sauna and showers."Hey Chuck why don't we go put our names on the list for a massage." Dad said and Chuck nodded saying, "Sounds good."Dad and Chuck turned and started to model girl preteens walk away. Dad looked at us and said, "You can hang your nn preteen babysitters bathrobes on the hooks numbered with our room number and go in with a towel."I nodded and headed for a wall of hooks with room numbers over them. Benny followed me over and we hung up our bathrobes. I turned preteen gymnastics girls and walked into the shower area with Benny following behind me."So what country are you looking forward to seeing the most?" I asked as I turned on the shower and turned to face him.I stopped to looked at Benny as he stood under the water, his eyes closed as the water cascaded over his muscular chest down his powerful flat stomach and over his nicely trimmed bush and over his thick seven and asian preteens nudes a half inches of soft young nubile preteen nudes man preteen raping cock and Benny's thighs where muscular as well as his calves. I have seen millions of magic preteens gallery good looking muscular guys showering at school and in locker rooms for years now and yet there was something about Benny that made my cock do a little jump."I want to see England but Amsterdam is going to be a blast I hope." He said and opened his eyes and looked at me."Ya, that sounds great." I said trying to remember what I had asked him.Just then two guys walked into the shower area talking and stopped and looked at us and then got under the shower themselves.One was blond with fair skin on the skinny side with light blue eyes, and he looked gallery preteen thumb like he was no older than fifteen or sixteen tops. The other was the opposite with olive skin and on a chunkier side, but looked to be about fifteen or sixteen too, the two boys where naked and looked at the ground while they showered neither one looking up at us.I smirked and nodded to them and Benny smiled.I squeezed some soap into my hand from the dispenser on the wall and started to soap up my body into lather. I smiled and winked at Benny who smiled and looked over to the shy boys. I soaped up and lathered my cock and balls and started to stroke my cock."Wow this feels so good." I said in my sexy I'm getting laid voice.Both boys looked up at me and I played it up big and openly stroked my cock and pulled back my balls soaping them up as if I where just washing up as usual.I looked over to Benny and he looked at me as if shocked. When we both looked over to the boys there cocks where colombian amateur preteen standing straight up. I turned around and started to wash my ass while Benny and the boys watched me, then let the water cascade over my ass washing away the soap.I turned and winked at the two boys and they looked away and turned off the water and headed for the steam room. When they where in I started to laugh. Benny was smiling and preteen sexvideo said, "What was that all about?"I turned and looked at him my stiff seven and a half inches bobbing in front of me. "Come on you remember what it was like at there ages, all hormones and not sure what they are looking for." I said with a wink.I shut off the water and Benny followed me over to the shelf with the towels and we each grabbed on before opening the steam room door. The room was so thick with steam we couldn't see anything. We bumped into each other as we walked through ls preteen forum the steam and across to the benches. We climbed up on the top bench and sat down. I stood up quickly and put my towel down and sat back down again. I spread my legs and my stiffy finally went down. My knee slid against Benny's and he moved it quickly. I smiled to myself thinking how shy he was. If I ever told him I let guys suck me off he would think I was a fag, which of course I'm not.After a short while we where talking about school, our trip and all the cool things we had heard about Europe."Maybe we could be roommates?" Benny said and I could barley see his face through all the steam."That would be cool." I said, "I preteen twins suck hope that they let us pick." I said.I could feel that someone had sat between my legs on the lower preteen sluts com bench. Then it happened I could feel someone's fingers gliding preteen underage teengirls across my balls ever so softly. It had to be one of the kids I thought as I tried to carry on a conversation with Benny.I could nude preteen hairless feel my cock starting to rise as I tried to keep my mind on the conversation as the fingers where now boldly pulling and stroking my balls and the base of my cock."Something wrong?" Benny asked looking at me as if I had missed to many beats."No." I said as I felt a hand stroke my cock the steam swirling around the person below.A fat tongue lapped up at my cock and I know I let out a moan and looked to Benny to see if he knew what was going on but could see preteen free access the other kid must have been working his cock too, from the look on his face.Benny and I looked at each other and I smiled and then bit my lip as my boy lover swallowed my cock and started to suck me off like a pro. The steam swirled around shaven preteens with my motion and now the sound of sucking cock made it's way through the room.I felt two hands on my chest as the kid sucked me off bobbing up and down then sucking my cock head with all he had. He started to pinch my nipples and then it dawned on me that the hands on my chest where to big to be the kids from the shower. Another thought hit me and it was our Dads would be back soon and all we need was for them to catch us getting blowjobs from two old guys in the steam room.I would have stopped him but fuck he was good. My head was swirling around as he sucked my cock and I looked over to see Benny was moaning preteen elite models as his cocksucker was going to town.The guy sucking my cock got up on his knees as he sucked even harder. His right arm went up on the wall and held him in place as he sucked me harder. I moaned and pressed my head against sexy preteen girls the guys arm. When I opened sweet preteens sexy my eyes I saw a big watch on a muscular arm and thought, "His watch looks just like my Dads."I moaned as He sucked my balls at the same time and his middle finer slid under my balls and to the crack of my ass."Dad!" I said loud as it dawned on me.It was my father sucking my cock in the steam room. I looked over at Benny and his eyes popped open and he looked at me in shock and then down between my legs as my fathers smiling face popped up from the steam. He leant up and kissed my shocked face and then went back to sucking my cock.I looked at Benny and saw his father Chuck's face popping up between his legs. Benny looked at my face and then to his Dad's. Benny's 101 preteen photos eyes where huge and Chuck grabbed his son by the head and kissed him passionately.My hands rested on my father's head as he bobbed up and down on free preteens ru my meat. My God my father was sucking my cock and fuck he was good...fuck that ukraine sex preteen he was great the best I've ever had was all that was running through my head and then everything started to swirl around, fuck it was hot.I could tell my cock was starting to go down and Dad pulled off and stood up and grabbed my hand and pulled me preteen naked pussy to my feet. He dragged me out to the showers and turned on japanese preteen sites the water to cool and then had me stand under it while he rubbed my body.I looked up to see Chuck and Benny coming out of the steam room, Benny looking like I felt, well done.Benny and Chuck got under the water and started preteen discharge pictures to shower while my Father walked behind me and sucked the nape of my neck while his hands caressed my chest, stomach and my now hardening cock. preteen gallaries I could feel my Father's monstrous soft cock against my ass checks and it sent shivers over my body.When the water had cooled us down enough Dad and Chuck pulled Benny and I to the side and dried us off using soft fresh towels. I looked at Benny and he looked away his huge hard cock standing up in front of him as his father knelt in front of him drying his feet and licking his cock head. Of course this made my cock bounce in front of me and Dad licked me from balls to piss slit before standing up and leading me naked out of the room and down the hall, Benny being pulled along behind us by his Dad.I felt afraid that some one would catch us naked in the halls and know what our fathers had just done to us.We entered a dark small room and through a doorway that was covered in long leather strips. When we walked in I could see a guy fucking another guys ass right there in the open."Where the fuck did our Dad's bring us?" Was all I could think as we walked past the fucking guys, and then some naked men who seemed very interested in all of us and up to a large flat surface."Get on your hands and knees." Dad said to me with a smile and a soft nudge towards the table."Why?" I asked, I was afraid Dad had me mistaken with someone else. I mean don't get me wrong I was shocked when Dad sucked my cock but what the fuck I let other guys suck my cock before but I never sucked and I sure as hell never did anything else like that with a guy, even if he was my Dad.I preteen taboo models paused preteen model art for a second and then got up on the table and went on all fours. Benny had been brought around the table and we where now face to face our faces inches for each other's. I looked at Benny and again he wouldn't look at me. It wasn't until our Dad's started to eat out our asses that I looked up and saw Benny looking into my eyes.Benny mouthed to me "What the fucks going on?"I just looked at him not sure what to say and shrugged. Dad took hold of my balls and while he pulled down on them his tongue worked around and around my sphincter. I was in heaven I had never had a girl friend eat out my ass before, and the two guys who sucked me off had never even suggested it.Dad's tongue slid up to my puckered doorway and pushed hard to get in but as far as I was considered it was a locked door. Dad just pushed it in and his tongue was now filling my underground pubescent preteens ass. He was working my ass hole while he pulled on my balls with one hand and slowly ever so softly stroked my cock with the nudist preteen angels other.I looked up and brasil preteen girls Benny was biting his bottom lip and I knew what he was feeling. He looked into my eyes and he smiled with his bottom lips still being bit into.Dad free preteen pedo pulled off my ass and pulled my stiff cock back and against my balls so it was aiming towards him and he sucked on my cock head then my balls then my ass hole then back to my cock and he sucked it hard and wet and ...OH God it was so good.I could feel Dad pulling on my cock and his fingers played around my ass and all over my balls and I was shocked that his middle finger was up my ass and I didn't jump or yell for him to stop I just wanted him to make me feel the images preteen girls way I was feeling right then.Dad worked my ass hole while he sucked my cock and balls and I was so horny I was in a lust filled comma is all I could figure because the next thing I felt was my father's cock head against my ass hole and he was pushing in. I looked up and saw that Benny was watching what was happening and he looked bambina preteen porno surprised, not as surprised as at that moment porno preteen pics when his father started to shove his cock head into his ass, and I had the same view of him as Benny had of me and it did look awesome.I turned my head and looked behind me to see my fathers smiling at me as his fat thick eight plus inches of Daddy cock started to slide into me."Dad I can't take it." I moaned as he pushed.Dad looked down at me and said, "Can't...If you said Can't you would have never won all the matches you won, all the trophies you won...Oh son you will take it." He laughed and I heard Chuck underground nude preteen laugh at this father knows best kind of speech and I looked up to see Benny's face beet red as he held his breath as his father fucked his ass for the first time.Dad slapped my ass hard and I jumped and my nipples turned rock hard and my ass hole seemed to relax just a bit and the pain seemed to subside a bit as Dad's final inch pushed in preteen modle nn and his trim bush patted my ass cheeks and his big baggy balls slapped against mine.Dad started to pull out and then slammed back in all the way pushing me forwards and bumping into Benny's preteen pregnant girls face. Benny looked up and I could see he was watching Dad as Dad fucked me.I looked at Benny's naked body and how it glimmered with sweat and his sexy father pounding in and out of Benny's ass and I don't know why but I pushed my lips to Benny's and I kissed him. Benny's eyes popped open and he looked at me and his tongue slid into my open mouth and we to jocks from school made out while our father's fucked our asses black and blue.Dad was moaning and slapping away at my ass and then he pulled all the way out. I felt the air hit my gapping hole and I felt oddly empty. I looked up to see Chuck and Dad where next to each other on preteen young nudism the table at our faces as preteenie erotic models they stroked there vanessa preteen model cocks.Chuck preteen russian gymnists grabbed Benny's facer and pulled it to his cock and soon Benny was sucking his father's cock.I know what your thinking but I couldn't help myself I thought, "Benny's a fag." Here I was my father's cock had just pulled out nude preteen tpg of my ass and this what I thought as my father did the same to me and it seemed like in slow motion my lips slid over my father's fat cock head. The velvet softness of his cock head as I bathed it with my mouth and tongue. His cock inch after inch sliding down teens preteens pics my throat and in no time with no thought I was bobbing up and down on the very cock that had made me and I was loving it...God I loved sucking cock.I sucked Dad's cock and he fed it to me his hands on my head as his cock fucked in and out of my throat.I felt someone's hands on my ass and then there cock nonude oh preteen sliding up my ass and I never thought about who it was as Dad started to fill my mouth with his Daddy seed. Glob after hot glob squirted into my mouth as I continued to bob up and down on his thick cock. I pulled on his balls I always love when someone does it to me and Dad seemed to love it to as he moaned louder and louder as he fucked his cum down my throat.When Dad couldn't take it any more he pulled his cock out of my throat and some more cum dribbled into my mouth. Dad slapped my face with his still hard cock and held it out for me to lick clean. Without being told I knew what he wanted to me to do and I licked his tool clean.I looked to Benny who had cum dripping down his check and Dad was scooping it up and feeding it to him. Chuck was pulling his cock from Benny's mouth when Benny opened his eyes and saw me watching. He smiled as he stuck out his tongue teen galleries preteen and licked his father's piss slit clean.It was then that I realized someone was still fucking my ass. I turned and looked back to see the fair-haired boy from the shower fucking my ass as if he owned it. He held onto the waist and closed his eyes tight and shot his boy cum deep inside my tender hole. I looked up and saw the other boy pulling his cock from Benny's ass and shot all over Benny's tight white buns."Well that was fun." Dad said stretching."I say we check and see if they're ready desi preteen pics for us for our massage." Chuck said with a smile.I knelt on the table my cock rock hard and looked at my cock and then at dad and said, "What about us we didn't get off."Dad playfully slapped my cock and said, "We know son, but we have more planned for latter, until then don't shoot your load we want you to save it up.""If you are good boys and do as your told we promise you will be rewarded." Chuck said with a smile.Both Dad and preteen models nude Chuck got off the table and started for the door leaving Benny and I on the table."Remember don't get off until we get you off son." Dad said to me."Ok Dad." I said and saw a few guys look at us with lust in there eyes.I looked at Benny and said, "Did preteen kitty you ever do anything like that before?"Benny shook his head no and preteen russia pussy looked at me and said, "You?""Nothing close."A few older men where working there way towards us and I said, "I think we should go shower and steam then head back to the room."Benny smiled and started off the table. We started for the door and I found myself reaching over and taking hold of Benny's stiff cock. Benny looked at me and I said, "I guess this is a day of first, I've never held a guy's cock before."Benny smiled and slapped my ass and leant over and kissed me and we pushed through the leather doorway and out into preteen girls tits the hall. We walked back to the showers and as we showered we started to talk about our trip to Europe and never mentioned what we had just done but the smile on our faces showed we would never preteen hispanic models forget this trip. *************************************************
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